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Maurice Benyowsky - eminent citizen of Europe and of the World in the light of recent international discoveries

Miroslav Musil


Rok vydania:2023
Typ publikácie:E-kniha

ISBN: 978-80-554-1978-7
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This e-publication was originally planned to present the studies presented at the intemational conference which took place in the Castle of Bratislava in October 2016 - cumulating several crucial anniversaries ofthe world-famous hero Count Maurice Benyowsky / Móric Beňovský (Slovak version ofhis name):
270th anniversary of his birth in the Slovak city of Vrbové
240th anniversary of his election as Great King on Madagascar
230th anniversary of his tragic end in Madagascar, nearby Cap Est
Although this intemational conference - that I initiated and organized as its coordinator - seems to have taken place a long time ago, its outcomes are still very actual and relevant. Nevertheless, being this e-book editor, I considered as a scientisťs duty to evaluate the actual relevance ofthe presented studies and to complete them by eventual more recent findings based especially on my successful book The true s tory of Count Maurice Benyowsky ( originally in Slovak, edited in 2017 and revised and reedited in 2018), as well as the outcomes of my research thank to the Taiwan Fellowship in 2017.

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