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USB - Statics of structures 3

Veronika Valašková, Daniela Kucharová

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Dostupnosť:skladom 20+
Materiálové číslo:401912
Rok vydania:2021
Fakulta / útvar:SvF
Typ publikácie:Skriptá

Mechanics, in solving their tasks has the possibility to apply dual principle. Each task can be solved by two diametrically different procedures, force or deformation method [1], [2]. The name of the force method is derived from the fact, that as unknown, forces, occur in the calculation process. This is the so-called generalized forces, as they are in fact forces and force pairs (moments). These are calculated from equations, that have significance for the conditions of continuity of deformations at a certain finite number of points. The force method is historically older, than the deformation method and is the first to be taught in the teaching of mechanics. Also because it teaches students to think in engineering. The force method is mainly used for manual calculations. The disadvantage of the force method is the fact, that in the spirit of the force method it is not possible to develop a general computer program for solving structures of various kinds. It would be necessary to develop a separate program for each type of construction, which is of course inefficient.

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