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USB - Become expert in MySQL Practices for database systems in MySQL

Michal Kvet, Karol Matiaško, Marek Kvet

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Dostupnosť:skladom 50+
Materiálové číslo:401878
Rok vydania:2021
Fakulta / útvar:FRI
Typ publikácie:Vysokoškolská učebnica

We have just prepared the first edition of the book for people to increase practical knowledge and skills in the area of Database systems. The content and labs of the textbook are prepared under our experiences with the education of Database systems at our university. From time to time, we perceive that students, researchers, or practitioners have problems with the correct way of using Database systems during the implementation processes into any information systems.
This book was written for students and practitioners. It is intended as a practical guide for them and others developers to involve the analysis, design, and implementation of commercial information systems. The language and diagram conventions apply ANSI standards with the strength of the MySQL Database Systems and the Toad data modeler.
We suppose that reader can recognize that using database systems and SQL is important knowledge for the design process, with opportunities for choice and creativity. In the text, we propose a lot of practical exercises highlighting the problems, solutions, tricks, and improvements.

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